In France, the optician-optometrist can conduct an eye exam and adjust your existing prescription if necessary. If you are visiting France, your optician will provide you with an invoice for your new glasses, which you can submit to your health insurance company.

If you have French Sécurité Sociale and a mutuelle, your previous glasses prescription can remain valid for up to 5 years. Your optician can make modifications, and you will receive reimbursement according to your insurance policy.

The eye examination measures the necessary correction as well as determines the type of lenses best suited to each individual, their vision, and their activities.

At Lunettes & Cie, we regularly undergo training to continually improve, learn new techniques and use innovative tools.

At the end of the eye examination, we are able to provide you with a personalized recommendation.

Here are the steps of the eye examination:
First, we ask about your habits, your expectations and any potential problems you may be experiencing.

Next, we use a machine you are familiar with: the one with the little hot air balloon. Although imperfect, this machine gives us a good estimate of your prescription.

Then, we determine the correction for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism for each eye. This is when we ask you to read the letters on an acuity chart.

Next, we analyze how the eyes work together to ensure perfect balance and visual comfort throughout the day.

The final test is to determine if there is a specific need for near vision.

To validate the prescription, we place great importance on verification in real conditions. It is only after this final step that we make our recommendations.

We offer free eye checks for all our clients who wish.

Note: Our eye exam allows you to order lenses corresponding to your visual defect to provide you with the best possible vision. It is by no means a health examination. Only your ophthalmologist is responsible for the medical follow-up of your eyes.

To understand your visual defect, click here.

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