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Frédéric :

Frédéric Gourgousse opticien diplomé chez Lunettes & Cie fond brique rouge Once upon a time, a little boy regularly accompanied his family when they choose glasses, and dreamt of only one thing: having to wear glasses himself.
Beyond a desire to be ‘cool’ during recess, he had an insatiable curiosity for this object that he tamed and eventually came to know and understand perfectly. Therefore, he naturally saw himself destined for the profession of an optician.
He joined the prestigious Fresnel School in Paris . There, he learned the optical and physical theory hidden behind glasses. For about ten years now he has been passing on his passion.

Originally from Périgord and deeply rooted in traditions, Frédéric honors handcrafted glasses designers , in his store, offering high-quality frames with clean and elegant lines. He also provides unique and colorful glasses that highlight the personality and enhance the faces of his clients.
Highly committed to providing informed advice, Frédéric takes the time to help his clients choose the right frame and lenses.
Passionate about sports, he practices triathlon, speed rollerblading, and football. His greatest passion, surpassing all others, is his little princess JULIETTE, who is already attending school. So yes, Frédéric is a happy father in addition to being a happy optician…”

Charlotte :

charlotte opticienne optométriste brique

When asked, “What do you want to do in the future?” Charlotte has always known that she wanted to take care of and serve others. Her affinity for scientific subjects at school led her towards the medical field.
It was her keen sense of aesthetics and fashion that convinced her to become an optician.
With the optician diploma from Fresnel School in hand, she specialized in optometry in Orsay. She then spent 3 years in England to experience optics from an Anglo-Saxon perspective.
Upon returning to Paris, she further enhanced her knowledge of beautiful eyewear working with avant-garde designer opticians specializing in custom-made frames.

Mother of two adorable boys she is passionate about travel and cooking. Charlotte also loves discovering new things to satisfy her limitless curiosity.

Frédéric and Charlotte have known each other for over 15 years, and their well-thought-out collaboration stems from a shared desire to offer unique and high-quality products. Together, they don’t just sell glasses that fit you; they uncover the model that is destined for you.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask your favourite qualified opticians!