You don’t choose your progressive lenses! That’s the advisory role of your optician!

At Lunettes & Cie Paris, we place great importance on selecting lenses based on your prescriptions, habits and the frames we have chosen together.

The most expensive lens may not necessarily be the best!

However, the best lens will be the one with the right geometry for you. Perhaps after our appointment, you’ll leave with non-progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses vision simulation

But what exactly is a progressive lens?

The top part of the lens is distance vision, the bottom part for near vision, and an intermediate zone provides a smooth transition between distance and near vision.

We choose the high-quality manufacturers Essilor and Carl Zeiss to provide us with your progressive lenses. They are made in France and will take care of your vision.

Whatever lens we choose together, you will see well. Our goal: to help you see better! This is the difference between choosing a lens recommended by a specialist and the generic option offered without consultation based solely on the prescription.

The word of wisdom from Frédéric and Charlotte : « If progressive lenses are the right solution for you, don’t delay until ‘when I really need them.’ Adapting to your first pair of progressive lenses will be much easier at 45 than at 52! Plus, why deny yourself comfortable vision?»

Understand what presbyopia is, click here!

And to prepare for your visit to the store, take this test to determine your needs.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section 😉

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