Marlone is the story of an instant connection in friendship, a chance encounter between Laetitia and Laurence. Both passionate opticians, they worked tirelessly for 3 years to present us with a complete collection. The glasses have perfect shapes and light, vibrant colors.

Indeed, we expected nothing less than beautiful glasses from these two caring women, who prioritize the comfort and style of their customers. Drawing from their experience in stores and direct contact with glasses wearers, they truly understand them. They know how to design a perfect nose piece or a comfortable temple, for example. Additionally, they are well aware of the technical constraints faced by opticians regarding the quality of glasses, ease of lens mounting, and adjustability.



Frédéric and Charlotte’s words: « Just what was missing in our store: easy to wear good-mood glasses!»


The glasses are made in France in the workshops in Jura. The German hinges are a guarantee of strength and quality, and the cellulose acetate plates come from the famous Italian brand Mazzucchelli.


A small touch of originality, but no less charming, Marlone’s team has specially designed a glasses chain for each pair. Satin, trimmings, chains, stones, or beads, everything to give the glasses a unique twist and style.


2023 Collection: New colors have emerged, and thick acetate frames are making a comeback!


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