Who said our glasses had to be symmetrical? This is undoubtedly the question that Lionel Bellet asked himself when he imagined the frame with a round rim on the right and a square one on the left!

Having worked as a designer for many years for major brands, he founded his company in 2012 and freely created unconventional shapes, color shades and material combinations.
Some stainless steel glasses were laser-sculpted to form a mesh pattern, lace or even reveal words. Whether conveying an ideological or loving message, glasses are not just a simple fashion accessory!
We would love for his glasses to transmit and instill this sense of freedom in the new generations of creators.

Portrait d'un homme portant les lunettes carrées noires et cristal de la marque française XIT

Frédéric and Charlotte’s word: « We absolutely love the ‘cat-eye’ shape with cat ears, as well as the square-round frame for those who are undecided! »
From their imagination to their creation, these beautiful XIT glasses are 100% French.



2023 Collection: Lovely oversized shapes with delicate details mingle with colorful and thick models, full of character! And the iconic square-round model is available in a larger sunglasses frame, along with new colors and a new size!


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